The recent profusion of "personality" tests has contributed to a false understanding of how personality shapes our lives. Why is this? These tests are little more than a way of classifying and labeling obvious differences among people. The arbitrary distinctions offered by these tests are either experimentally untested, or they've failed to hold up when held to the light of experimental scrutiny. While these tests can be fun, they create a false sense of security.

We're misguided by these test's inability to tap the real power of personality in our lives. Despite the clear experiential testimony, most of us remain sadly in the dark about the essential code of human behavior, knowing more about the astrological traits of ourselves and others than we do about our own personalities. The IDISC personality profiler is a modernized method for measuring the traits first introduced by William Marston, whose personality profiling system is the longest-standing and most widely utilized model in the world. The DISC model has withstood more than 70 years of scrutiny, evaluation, and modification because it's both scientifically sound and highly intuitive.

Since you can decipher but can't change your "code," the real power of personality lies in making your strengths and tendencies work for you. But prior to the IDISC, learning your DISC profile was a painstaking process. The IDISC simplifies this process with analyses of your instinctive reactions and response pattern against more than eight million possible configurations. Your results instantly reveal which of the 14 personality types best describes you, as well as a detailed analysis of your tendency to use the four DISC behavioral traits: Dominance, Interpersonal, Steady, and Conscientious.

The IDISC presents a series of 112 adjectives that are paired into 28 groups of four. As you move through each quartet of words, you are forced to choose one from the set that most describes you and another from the set that least describes you. This process takes about 15 minutes to complete, and your results are permanently stored online for you to return and review whenever you wish. Inside your results profile is an e-learning program that helps to bring the DISC traits to life-and the 14 personality types they merge into-with clips from Hollywood movies, television, and real world events that illustrate personality in action. An automated goal tracking system summarizes the steps you're taking to improve your self-awareness and provides automatic reminders via e-mail to help you stay on track. What you'll learn about your personality profile is relevant for use at work and at home, as this stable facet of your character is present in both places.